Capex Finance

Enterprise spends money in diverse products such as real-estate, computer hardware systems (servers, printers, datacentres etc.), transportation vehicles, machines and production equipment. This product makes it into a company’s property, plant and equipment (PPE), master account. Which ultimately constitutes the long-term assets account or capital resources account?

        Capital expenditures usually involve sizeable investments, and enterprise employs clean procedures to ensure quick and accurate reporting & transaction of capital purchases. For this enterprise can raise finance to maintain these capital resources which includes replacement, modernization, investment in R&D, installation & upgradation of technology, plant & machinery acquisitions.

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Raising finance to buy and maintain long-term assets.

Secured finance (hypothecation of equipment for which finance is done).

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Private Ltd, Public Ltd,  LLP, Proprietor

Business continuity proof of last 3 years.




1 year bank statement of the company.

  • PAN card of the company.

  • PAN card of the Promoters/Directors.

  • Business registration document.

  • Company address proof.

3 years balance sheet, P&L with audit report.  

1 year Loan schedule statement of any previous on going loan.

3 years I.T.R of the company.

VAT/GST returns.

1 year bank statement of the promoter and directors.


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