Entfinc is a financial aggregator and  fintech platform/ecosystem for sme, msme, export and import sectors. It works as bridge between the lender and borrower giving it an opportunity for mutual growth.

  • Is Entfinc a DSA?

No. Entfinc is fintech aggregated platform/ecosystem which work in conjunction with lenders and borrowers (enterprises).

  • What kind of financial product it support?

All types of financial products which fulfil the working capital need of the SMEs, MSMEs, Import & Export sector. These can be secured or unsecured.

  • Why does customer/enterprise need to submit its documents?

Customers or borrowers need to submit the documents as these documents confirm the eligibility of an enterprise to get the finance. The system will determine and analyse on the basis of the documents which lender can provide finance. In other word it helps in finding the qualification of the borrower. It is mandatory as per the system.

  • Does ENTFINC charge anything from the customers?

EntFinc is fintech platform and thus don't charge any fees from the Customer (SMEs and MSMEs) for processing the product. Customer can choose and apply for the product without any hassle. It's an open platform and it’s charge less.


  • How does it determine which lender is suitable for which customer?

Inbuilt system helps in determining which lender’s product is suitable for the borrower/customer.


  • What if the loan gets rejected from the lender on any ground?

Entfinc has team of subject matter expert which also provide advisory services to SME’s, MSME’s, Export and Import sector.  Once the loan get rejected from the lender’s end due to any legal reason, than these subject matter expert reach the rejected borrower and helps it in solving those problems such as financial structure of the company, understanding the list of resources which can help in raising the working capital need. And moreover if any financial mismanagement happed in past. Then it also tries finding out alternative options to solve that fault. So that, whenever next time onward if the potential borrower applies for a loan then it should qualify instantly.


  • What is the geographical domain of Entfinc?

Entfinc is India centric platform/ecosystem. Infuture, it will expand its boundaries globally as well.



Tel: +91 997-161-8355 

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