Invoice discounting

The buyers and sellers objectives are always in collision. The seller wants payment immediately and the buyer wants as longer credit period as possible. Here the seller raise invoice for the product it sold to the buyer. But the buyers ask for credit time of certain period. Thus in this scenario sellers money has been blocked for certain period of time.

        Through invoice discounting the seller can get a relief as it gets instantly paid and doesn't have to wait and need not have to give credit period. The invoice discounting is an easy way of getting finance. This is hassle free and easy sanction procedure & short term finance model.

Relax and apply from the comfort of your place   

Instant contact to exact/right lender

Less Paper work

Quick approval

Easy finance



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The seller gets relief as it gets instantly paid and doesn't have to wait and need not have to give credit period.

Rated companies are quite eligible.

The Buyer pays back directly to lender.

It’s a secured finance (against invoice).

Short-term, Quick and easy.

Who Can apply

Private Ltd, Public Ltd,  LLP, Proprietor

Company should be rated by any government authorised rating agency (CRISIL, SMERA, BRICK WORK etc.)

Details of Bank exposure (CC, BG, OD, Business Loan etc.) if any.

Any Business.



1 year bank statement of the company.

  • PAN card of the company.

  • PAN card of the Promoters/Directors.

  • Business registration document.

  • Company address proof.

3 years balance sheet, P&L with audit report.  

6 Month unaudited balance sheet of the company

3 years I.T.R of the company.

Rating proof of the company by any rating agency (given in eligibility).

Repayment schedule/statement of the any loan taken by the company.


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