Letter of credit (LC)

It is issued by the bank or financial institution and confirms that the seller will receive the payment dully and if not the bank or financial institution will bear the cost of the liability to the seller in case the buyer becomes defaulter.

This is mainly issued and used while making international trading. It is issued, discounted/monetized or enhanced if the need arise

Relax and apply from the comfort of your place   

Instant contact to exact/right lender

Less Paper work

Quick approval

Easy finance



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Importer can pay it to the exporter through this instrument

Quite easy to issue

It can be discounted, monetize or enhanced as per the requirement

Quick & easy

Who Can apply

Private Ltd

Public Ltd



Business continuity proof not less than 3 years,

Business related to export and import of the goods



  • PAN card of the company.

  • PAN card of the Promoters/Directors.

  • Business registration document.

  • Company address proof.

3 years I.T.R of the company.

Security/collateral documents.

3 years balance sheet, P&L with audit report.  

3 years I.T.R of the company.

1 year bank statement of the company.



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