Structured Purchase Order Finance

The Financial institution pays for the cost of the goods directly to the supplier and keeps free the cash of the lender/enterprise for other business activities. Thus helps the enterprise to save itself from financial block.

  • The tenure of Funding would varies from one and half month/45 to two months/90 days against confirmed purchase orders from acceptable customers.

  • Limit of financing is based on Working capital cycle to execute the  order. Here only 70% of the value of the purchase order would be financed upfront.

  • Payment facility to be liquidated from the cash flows received from the execution of the order.

  • An agreement is signed as an upfront commitment taken from purchasing corporate to route all payments through lending financial institution.

Relax and apply from the comfort of your place   

Instant contact to exact/right lender

Less Paper work

Quick approval

Easy finance



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70% of the value of the purchase order would be financed upfront.

Payment directly made to the supplier by the lender.

Repayment is done to lender directly by liquidating the cash flow received from execution of order.

Quick and easy.

Who Can apply

Private Ltd, Public Ltd,  LLP, Proprietor

Business continuity proof of last 3 years.

Any Sector



1 year bank statement of the company.

  • PAN card of the company.

  • PAN card of the Promoters/Directors.

  • Business registration document.

  • Company address proof.

3 years balance sheet, P&L with audit report.  

1 year Loan schedule statement of any previous on going loan.

3 years I.T.R of the company.

Purchase order copy.

1 year bank statement of the promoter and directors.

VAT/GST returns.


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